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Team Partner Program

The goals with this partnership is to create a natural way for our students and young players to take the next step in their esport career. It doesn’t have to be only as a player, it could be as a coach, analyst, tournament administrator or any role in the esport business. Today there are a lot of talented esporters out there that doesn’t know how to take the next step, together we can help them reach their dreams.

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You will get presented with talents that has been educated and evaluated by us. You will save a lot of time scouting the minor leagues and tournaments to find the unpolished diamonds. You will also know what skills they possess and what they need to practice more to take it to the next level. We are expanding within Europe, NA and SEA at the moment and we have a wide network. We will advertise you on our social media, in our presentations that we show to possible partners and also on our scouting combines.

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If you sign one of our students to your team you get the chance to once a year search a Learn2Esport grant. This grant will be used to cover some of the expenses for the Learn2Esport student. It could be used for example LAN tickets, gear, development of the player etc.

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We see this as a first step in our cooperation. We are sure that we can find other ways to cooperate more regarding the educational aspect. And will of course share our contacts when it comes to potential sponsors.

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