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Manage your esports program

Are you the owner of a gaming center, the coach of a team, the manager of an esports club or do you run esports camps?

The Learn2Esport platform can be used to manage participants in your esports camps or to structure your team’s practices and development.

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The platform

  • Follow each student's progress through a course.
  • Create your own custom courses with online and offline activities.
  • Use tools such as Game Journals and Game Reviews to help your students reflect on their gaming and analyze their own performance.
  • Manage students in groups such as classes, camp participants or teams.
  • Use the calendar to set up a practice schedule and invite other people.
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A custom calendar integrated with Google Calendar that students and teachers can use to schedule e.g. team practices, coaching sessions or physical training

Esports program

You can use the Learn2Esport platform to manage your esports program by creating your own practices or use our suggested practice schedules.

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Certificate courses

Students at your school can get the opportunity to take certificate courses that increases their chances of acquiring a job in esports. The courses are fully online and cover topics such as:

  • The esports industry.
  • How to organize an esports tournament.
  • Coaching teams.

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Rasmus Sandström, Chief Executive Officer of Learn2Esport
Rasmus SandströmChief Executive Officer
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