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Learn2Esport partners with UniQ E.C to form a League of Legends team

We're happy to announce that Learn2Esport have officially partnered together with Team UniQ E.C, an esports team based in Sweden, to put together a League of Legends roster that will compete in the SEL during the next season. 

On Wednesday 1st April at 19:00 CET, Learn2Esport and UniQ E.C will be hosting a tryout session for all students attending schools that are partnered with Learn2Esport.

We spoke with William Danielsson, the CEO of UniQ E.C about the partnership with L2E:

“UniQ E.C are really excited about our new partnership together with L2E, with the objective of providing a platform for their students to develop and gain competitive experience in, to help them in their journey to full potential. With the esport environment continuously getting more and more competitive, UniQ E.C believes that talented players need both proper education under the right conditions and solid competitive experience to develop and grow. This is why UniQ E.C, with the competitive experience and insight, regards L2E as the perfect partner as they offer a great educational platform with the right tools to young talented players. UniQ E.C can't wait for this project to start together with L2E, to take the next step into the world of esports and create future stars of esport!”

Here’s what Boas Backström had to say, the leader of this project at L2E:

“I am really excited about this team and partnership. We have many talented young students that really love esport so I know that we for sure can put together an excellent team. This is the first step of something new for Learn2Esport and I feel like this will benefit us, esport organizations, and of course our students in many ways! At last, I want to personally thank UniQ E.C for starting this with us, it would not have been the same without them.”

UniQ E.CUniQ E.C is an esports team based in Malmö, Sweden and was founded in 2019. Last year their team participated in the highest league in Sweden (SEL Division 1). The team consisted of players from Sweden, Denmark and Austria.

Learn2EsportLearn2Esport based in Sweden is an interactive digital educational platform and curriculum leading provider in the esports industry. The customized esport curriculum teaches essential life skills such as cross-boundary collaboration, self-leadership, career pathway development, health and wellness. The company creates and deploys courses, online content services and certificate courses in specialized focus areas for esport professionals, coaches, analysts, players, students, corporations, entrepreneurs at all levels. Learn2Esport offers a solution for all schools that want to integrate esports in an easy and qualitative way. All the content is built together with professional coaches, analysts and educated teachers. The Learn2Esport team has great experience from the esport scene and has been involved in some of the largest esport organizations in the world. Learn2Esport's educational platform and courses can be used by schools, organizations, sport clubs, companies and gaming centers. 

Written 2 months ago
Rasmus SandströmChief Executive Officer