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Learn2Esport joins esportsNS to conduct research about esports in education

Schools from Sweden and Norway have been involved in the esports in Nordic schools (esportsNS) project. We’re excited to announce that Learn2Esport and some of our partnered schools are now a part of esportsNS! The schools include NTI Gymnasiet Gävle, NTI Gymnasiet Västerås, NTI Gymnasiet Malmö, and Grillska Gymnasiet Örebro.

EsportsNS is a research project that follows esports students during their high school education. The project aims to understand the impact of esports courses on the student’s well-being, academic performance, and the school community. This is done with the purpose to obtain empirical data that can be used to improve the courses and strengthen the benefits students can obtain from enrolling in the programs.

The esportsNS project is funded by the Center for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) at the University of Bergen and the project has been approved by the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) which means all procedures will be according to the regulations of the University of Bergen.

Jonathan Bäckström, Head of Education at Learn2Esport says:

"At Learn2Esport, we strive to base all of our decisions and development on data and research. This is why we are very excited to be part of esportsNS and together with our partner schools, share data that can help us understand the benefits of esports in education. It will also help us understand what we can improve to have an even bigger positive impact on the students' lives, studies, and future career." 

Dr. Angelica B. Ortiz de Gortari, lead researcher of the esportsNS project, says:

"Esport education programs in high schools offer a unique opportunity to encourage safe and healthy video game playing, especially important during the early stage of pursuing the dream of becoming a pro-gamer. With the esportsNS project, we want to contribute to the emerging need to identify factors to develop esport programs that go beyond skills and performance to also consider psychological factors and mental health."

Currently, eleven schools are part of the project and we hope that many more schools will be interested in taking part and joining us!


Learn2Esport is a company founded in Sweden that has worked with esports in education since 2015. Together with schools, teachers, and students, we have developed an educational platform that is optimal to use together with our esports curriculum or esports certificate courses in order to provide the best possible esports education.

The educational platform is the center of Learn2Esport’s business and serves different purposes depending on the customer’s needs. Learn2Esport have concepts that work for High Schools, Universities, Colleges, Learning Centers, Gaming Centers, Summer camps and Sport Clubs. 

The Learn2Esport LMS is an educational platform filled with courses, curriculum and features to help students utilize their skills learned through esport in their social life and in future work life. The platform is also a great tool for schools to manage their teams, develop their players individually and help them prepare for a life in esports for example as a player, coach, analyst and producer. 

Written by Rasmus Sandström5 months ago
Rasmus SandströmChief Executive Officer