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As one of the fastest growing sports, esports engage millions of active players all over the world. The game League of Legends for example had 100 million registered players in the year of 2017, with numbers steadily increasing. Many schools have noticed this exploding interest and the possibilities that comes with this blooming industry. By teaching esport you can motivate and engage students in such varying topics as English, programming, problem solving and so on.

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Esport & school

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As in other sports, coaching is an important part of being successful. We offer top coaches from many of the biggest esports today. Some of our coaches has been involved in managing the biggest gaming organizations in the world. You can’t get any better than that!

Matching with the right coach

We know all students are individuals and therefore carefully match the student with the right coach to create the perfect match. This match depends on the students current gaming level as well as their role in the game they have chosen. We also offer coaching in the weekends as well as study days.

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We will create individual courses for you to match the profiles of your school and the programs of your choice. Today, we can offer courses linked with Sports and Health A/B, specializing, Programming 1 & 2 and Web development.

Individual education plans

In cooperation with you we will create individual plans for our students based on their current education level and future goals as esporters. We will also show the students what options they have in the esports, aside from being gamers.

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Study material

Our study material has been developed by esport-experts as well as educated teachers. This ensures that the students will get the best education possible. We offer study material in the following subjects: League of Legends, CS: GO, General esport, Code of conduct, Programming and organizational knowledge.

Study questions

Our study material contains questions that help the student comprehend what he or she has been reading. Many esports are primarily in English. This makes knowledge in English an important part of the education. That’s why the majority of our study material is written in English to ensure the students have enough knowledge to communicate with persons from other countries in the gaming communities. Are you interested in getting your own esport education started? Don’t hesitate to contact us for an offer!

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We help you teach the next generation of esporters

All too often schools lack in knowledge of esports and struggle to find the right instruments to measure the student in individual development and fulfilling goals. We offer a simple and scalable solution for those schools that already have or those interested in starting educations in esports.

Who can start an education in esports?

Our courses and education material will be adapted for your needs and we can therefore offer solutions for:

Full support from the beginning

We offer to help you with everything you need to start your esport-education, including course plans, education goals, examination criteria and much more. Esport is also an excellent way to develop the digital competence of your students – something that is much sought for nowadays in future employees.

What we offer – our own platform

Our platform offers you all you need to give a solid education for your students. With our study materials, interactive tests, tasks and other platform functions we make it easy to create a popular world class education. This is a fast and easy way to start a high quality esport education for a great price, without any previous knowledge of esport.

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